Idralia Cream

50 ml - 1.7 fl.oz.

The Idralia line is a moisturizing ritual, essential for healthy skin.
Four daily routines to devote yourself to an enjoyable practice every day with rapid motions.

The Idralia cream specifically addresses the need to rebalance natural hydration. This moisturizing and protective non-oily cream is recommended for use as a day cream for the face and neck.
Recommended for normal and combination skin types, as well as for oily skin that tends to lose moisture. Paraben free. It is emollient and restoring thanks to the plant lipids and vitamin E.

Scent: Rosa Gardenia

Use every day on the face and neck, preferably in the morning after thoroughly cleaning the face with a cleansing lotion followed by a rinse and use of tonic or scented water (Acqua di Rose or Acqua di Fior d’Arancio); rub in until completely absorbed. Included in the package is a handy little applicator to take cream from the jar.

Customer Reviews

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Amy Walter

I’ve had issues with my skin recently with it fluctuating between being dry and oily. This cream, along with the the cleansing milk and Acqua di Rosa (which I use as a toner) helped fix that. Definitely would recommend to those with combination and sensitive skin!!

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