Acqua di Rose: Incontro di Meraviglie

Attested since 1381, Acqua di Rose is one of the most iconic preparations of our 800 years-old heritage. A new chapter of the story is ready to be unveiled. The distilled water of damascena rose gives life to a new skincare line with fresh and comforting textures to cleanse, tone, hydrate and regenerate skin. 

The most magnificent of all roses meets the magnificent city of Florence, and the fabulous garden that is Officina Profumo-Farmaceutica di Santa Maria Novella. Acqua di Rose: an Encounter of Wonders.

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Acqua di Rose

Acqua di Rose’s legend is rooted in the dawn of time. Prepared since 1381, its name means “water made with roses”. The delicate, yet refreshing and toning formula still enchants us today: crafted with distilled water of damascena rose, it is a revitalizing toner for any skin type, even the delicate ones.


Micellar Water & Cleansing Gel

Gently cleanse your face and relish in the feeling of a soft, purified skin. Discover our Micellar Water and Cleansing Gel as the first step of your daily Acqua di Rose ritual.

Acqua di Rose Serum

The Acqua di Rose skincare line is a complete ritual for every skin type. Refine your moisturizing routine with Acqua di Rose Serum: a hydrating booster enriched with damascus rose distilled water, pomegranate extract and niacinamide. Naturally scented, it instantly reveals skin’s inner radiance whilst smoothing the complexion.


Acqua di Rose Creams

Gel Cream and Cream complete the moisturizing ritual of the Acqua di Rose skincare line. Discover their different textures and select your favorite based on the season and on your skin necessities. Their fast-absorbing formula makes them perfect to be used anytime: mornings, evenings, or during the day for a gentle touch of velvety freshness.

Santa Maria Novella

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