Unveiling the World of Melograno

Pomegranate: one of the most ancient symbol of rebirth, abundance and fertility, it is well-know to any Officina connoisseurs as one of our most iconic fragrances.

A bouquet of sweet floral oriental notes, the fragrance summons a warm and welcoming sensation: an appropriate interpretation for a tree that can live more than 100 years, lending its fruits at every season.

Our historical Cologne has now lend its unique character to the precious Firenze 1221 editions of Body Cream, Bath Gel and Liquid Soap.

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Melograno Fluid Body Cream

Melograno Fluid Body Cream is a refreshing, nourishing balm that will leave your skin soft and springy.

Enriched with pomegranate flower extract with antioxidant, astringent and energising properties, this smooth milk is a compendium of pleasure.


Breathe in the Orient magic in a mesmerising bath with the fruit of prosperity.

The moment for your hands to touch the silky pomegranate world.

Colonia Firenze 1221 Edition

Pomegranate was widely known in all the arcaic world: Persia, Egypt, and the Mediterranean cultures, all of them knew (and had their own interpretation) of the misterious pomegranate. One of a kind fruit, Pomegranate has since been a good luck charm.

Our Cologne, now available in the Firenze 1221 Edition, pays homage to that heritage with spicy and citrus notes, that accord with patchouli and labdanum.


Melograno Scented Wax Tablets

The symbolic journey of Melograno through ages and geographies has not yet stopped: discover it in the wax tablets to perfume drawers and wardrobes. Born from Officina's savoir-faire and still hand-finished today, the Melograno tablets incorporate myrtle leaves and pink pepper.

Santa Maria Novella

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