Unveiling the World of Fresia

A world where nature inspires with a gentle flower and its charming freshness, to enliven all senses. Today, this olfactory world is expanding into a new range of exclusive products.

With its bright bouquet, Fresia invites us to breathe in the southern blossoms and all their energy. A clean, fresh and graceful fragrance that tells the story of a lush nature and its endless forms. Our Fresia Cologne has now lend its unique character to the precious Firenze 1221 editions of Body Cream, Bath Gel and Liquid Soap.

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Fresia Fluid Body Cream

Fresia Fluid Body Cream is collection of vegetable butters to nourish skin with a gentle yet lively touch. Grace your skin with the freshness of a southern flower and apply your Fresia in both mornings and evenings.

Insider tip: massage Fluid Body Cream with long movements from bottom to top of your body.


A bath of fragrant flowers to experience natural origins ingredients.

Fresia is ready to welcome your hands with calendula and natural saponins.

Colonia Firenze 1221 Edition

Fresia is Officina’s interpretation of a blossoming exoticism: the top notes of Fresia accord gently invite us to discover this delicate yet vivid flower.

A symphony completed by violet and centifolia rose, Fresia is an hymn to liveliness, inspired by nature with its fresh and clean tones.

A fragrance that never goes out of style, it celebrates all the natural ingredients that Officina has collected, selected and discover in these last 800 years of experimentations.


Fresia Scented Wax Tablets

A gesture that always brings beauty to home linen: our wax tablets are cast and finished by hand. They incorporate lemon balm leaves and sunflower petals to expand the wonderful olfactory world of Freesia into the tactile sphere, creating a journey that envelops all the senses.

Santa Maria Novella

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