L’Iris: our very first Eau de Parfum

Expertise, elegance, mystery and grace

One of the most precious perfumery raw materials, a masterful technique and a surprisingly bright bouquet reimagine the attitude and history of Florence.

L’Iris, our first Eau de Parfum in more than 800 years: a fragrance that combines the green notes of galbanum and timur pepper with an exclusively florentine “concreta d’iris”, while neroli with its soft and luminous touch guides us in the voyage towards a magnificent field of colorful lilies. A flowery heart accords magnolia champaca, geranium and sambac jasmine, up to the base notes where Florentine
iris, musk and ambergris resound. An intense and elegant perfume, a conversation with one’s inner self.

A quintessential masterpiece

The exceptional magic of L’Iris

The flower symbol of Florence, since 1266: with its velvety petals and an admirable complexity, it represents the character of this unique city.

The iris flower was well-known in the most remote lands of antiquity, it was grown in Egypt and was prized by both Greek and Roman civilisations. Iris, lily, giaggiolo: many names for a rare and charming creature that gives live to one of the most precious raw materials of perfumery art: the iris butter, or concreta d’iris, is extracted from the flower’s rhizomes, after 6 years of maturation.

L’Iris Eau de Parfum is preserved in a clear glass bottle, crowned by a gold engraved cap.

Available in 50 ml and 100 ml. 


The new history of Florence

Where past and present meld

A flower and its symbolism

A unique history, that ties Florence to distant universes

The Goddess Iris, who traveled on rainbows to bring messages from the gods to the mortals, and the “Giglio di Firenze”, symbol of the city since the Guelph victory over Ghibellines in 1266.

A tale of contrasts and deep brightness where nature, technique and myth come together: iris flower's symbolism is arcane and delicate, and remains powerful throughout the centuries.

Available in 50 ml and 100 ml.

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